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Temperature Controlled Lockers

Grocery Store Owners


Solve the "Buy-Online-Pickup-in-Store (BOPIS) dilemma.  Offer your customers convenient pickup locations, even in remote areas or "Food Deserts".  

Increase your store's volume and market area without adding additional locations - at a fraction of the cost.  Our Lockers are Frozen, Refrigerated and Ambient to insure the freshest delivery and food safety.

Residential Developments & Corporate Campuses


Provide your residents with an added amenity... Grocery Delivery!  

Additional benefits include:   

- Reduced staffing for parcel management.  

- Corporations can offer their employees a new perk...  Online grocery shopping!  Order online at noon and pickup your groceries before you leave at 5:00.

Community Development


Small Town, USA.  You've lost your grocery store due to low population, increased competition, rising costs or any number of other reasons.  A community-owned locker solves the problem!  Entice competition from surrounding cities that have grocery stores.  The store delivers and suddenly the people in your community don't have a long drive to bring home dinner. 

Our Delivery Trucks deliver groceries to temperature controlled lockers!

Grocery Delivery


  Our delivery vans are equipped with multiple temperature zones.  We give you the capability to provide your remote customers with Frozen and Refrigerated food - ready for pickup at our locker locations.  You choose where to put the lockers, in front of your store, maybe a church parking lot or even the Community Center.  



 Add a new dimension to your store's offerings.  Use our vans to cater events: Weddings, Funerals, Bar Mitzvah's, Graduation parties.  Your store can now provide ready-to-eat food for any occasion.  Our vans serve as the perfect food staging center!  The best part is your logo'd van is always advertising for you.  

Safe Food Handling


Our temperature controlled lockers and delivery vehicles maintain safe food handling requirements for grocery shopping, online grocery delivery, catering and storage during events.  Your customers expect the freshest and the best, we deliver!