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How the lockers work!



Can I order refrigerated and frozen items?

Yes!  The lockers are temperature controlled - meaning there is a refrigerated side and a frozen side.

Does the grocery store limit what products I can order?

No!  The beauty of ordering online, is that you have the entire store at your fingertips.  If they have it, you can order it.

How long does it take to get my groceries?

Your grocer will determine how frequently orders are delivered to the lockers, based on volume and order frequencies.

What if I forget a grocery bag in the locker?

We can set the lockers to stay unlocked for up to 5 minutes, which gives ample time to run bags to your car and come back to retrieve other bags.

How do I pay?

When ordering your groceries online, you will be directed to checkout with a credit card.

What about security?

The lockers have LED lights and security cameras located on both sides.