Pruett's Food

Temperature Controlled Delivery Vehicles


Pruett's Food's new Temperature Controlled Delivery Vehicle!  Their Valliant, OK Lockers are being supplied by their Broken Bow, OK store - 30 miles way.  Safe food handling is a top priority for Pruett's and our logo'd vehicles deliver!

Temperature Controlled Grocery Lockers


Pruett's Food, a 13 store chain in Oklahoma, is setting the tone for 

e-commerce!  They recently installed a 15-door refrigerated unit and a 15-door frozen unit in Valliant, OK. as a way to continue supplying groceries to that town.

Jackson Whole Grocer & Cafe

Remote Locker location at Teton Ski Village


A family ski vacation shouldn't have to include time spent in grocery stores!  Jackson Whole Grocers is leading the way in convenience for Teton Village skiers.

Lockers as a branding tool and marketing message


Teton Village Skiers know where to quickly and easily order their food online.  Jackson Whole Grocers takes advantage of prime real estate to let folks know their store is ready to serve!

Branded Delivery Trucks Available


 Temperature Controlled Grocery Lockers in a delivery van = Genius!  Leading the industry in maintaining safe food handling for delivery and catering.   

* Expand your market without bricks & mortar or home delivery. 

* Ease the mad scramble for Pickup-at-Store customers 

* Provide groceries to under-served populations and Food Deserts.